This 1.5L Fido Jar with clear lid and airlock is perfect for preserving your food the natural way. Fermenting food is the oldest form of preserving. With this airlock Fido Jar you can make everything from Kimchi, to pickles, to Sauerkraut. Ferment all your veggies and fruits into delicious foods which are much better for your health!

Featuring the fermenting airlock valve, it effectively provides an airlock on your jar allowing gases to vent naturally without your intervention. This means you don’t have to open the lid of you jar which can introduce harmful yeasts or excessive oxygen to the fermenting product!

Please take care when inserting or removing the airlock. To do so, gently hold the black grommet in position whilst inserting or removing the airlock. Please note that the lid section with airlock is not available for individual purchase.

Key Features:

  • 1.5L
  • Airlock
  • Clear lid
  • Flip top lid for hermetic airtight seal and airlock

  • Sizings
    Capacity 1.5 Litres
    Diameter 10.6cm
    Height 22cm
    Material Glass Jar with AIRLOCK

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    1.5L Fido Jar with Airlock

    • $39.99
    • Ex Tax: $36.35

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