This Messermeister 30cm Regular Honing/Sharpening Steel has been crafted in Germany to the highest quality Messermeister standards. This important tool will realign your knives, and regular use will keep your knives sharp and ready to use.


  • Length: 30cm / 12 inches
  • Ergonomic, soft grip handle
  • 100% Messermeister quality


  • Realign the edges of knives.
  • Hold the steel vertically with your left hand (for right-handed individuals) and place the point of the steel on a non-slip flat surface.
  • Hold your knife in your right hand and place the back of your blade against the steel with the tip pointed in the air.
  • Tilt the knife so that the top of the blade is at approximately 15° away from the steel for a Messermeister Elite knife or 20° for a Messermeister Four Seasons knife. Elite series should be aligned at a 15° angle on a fine cut or polished steel and the Four Seasons knives should be aligned at a 20° angle on a regular cut steel.
  • Pull your elbow back and upward as you pass the knife at the above angle with light pressure in a concentric (semi-circular) motion past the tip of the knife blade.
  • Repeat this action on the opposite side of the blade, making 5-6 passes on each side.
  • The steel should be approximately 5cm longer than your longest knife.
Length 30cm / 12"

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30cm Sharpening Steel

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