Make your daily artisan sourdough loaf with under 15 minutes of hands on time!

With the Mad Millie 15 Minute Sourdough Kit, you receive our specialised culture, tools and know-how to make your daily loaf with under 15 minutes hands on time a day, and no kneading required!

Simply mix flour, artisan salt, and the instant sourdough starter culture together with water in a bowl using the specialised dough whisk, cover and allow to ferment and rise for approx 20 hours before baking in a covered oven dish.

The sourdough is beautifully fresh with a hard crispy crust and light airy centre. Gobble it up with some fresh, homemade butter, olive oil, or your favourite bread toppings. 

Kit includes:

  • Instant Sourdough Starter Culture (enough for up to 6 x 700 g loaves). Note: You can use one culture sachet to make a double batch of sourdough. 
  • Artisan Salt
  • Muslin Cloth
  • Dough Scraper
  • Dough Whisk
  • Recipes for original sourdough, wholemeal sourdough, fruit loaf sourdough and gluten free sourdough

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Mad Millie 15 Minute Sourdough Kit

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