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There is nothing better than feeling healthy and ready to take on the world! We have found that one of the best ways to feel better is to stay hydrated. And one of the best ways to ensure you stay hydrated is to keep your water cool and close by at all times. Check out our range of Oasis and Avanti bottles that keep liquids cool for 24 hours with their double wall insulated stainless steel online and in-store now.


It’s not just us that says that water is good for you (or your Mum) check out these 9 reasons to stay hydrated!


1.    Sleepiness, fatigue, confusion, headaches... all symptoms of dehydration. If you’re in the habit of getting the afternoon slumps, go home with a throbbing head or can’t concentrate past morning tea, there's a high chance all you need is some more H2O.

2.    Dehydration is often confused with hunger (sometimes it's hard to tell the difference), which means you may be reaching for snacks when you don’t really need them. If you’re feeling extra hungry, sip some of the good stuff first and see if you miraculously feel satisfied. You’ll not only save calories, but you’ll feel better for it!

3.    Your body is made up of about 60% water. If you lose up to just 2% of this (you don’t even need to be sweating, just expending energy) your physical performance can suffer - resulting in less motivation, less energy and reduced ability to regulate your body's temperature (among other things). If you're trying to get fit or commit to a regular exercise regime but struggling to find the get-up and go, the first thing you should be doing is having a glass of water.

4.    Your brain is 75% water, which means without it, it won't function. As much as a 1% loss in your body's fluid levels can result in mood alteration, poor concentration and reduced memory retention. If you’re pulling long hours in a tough office job, instead of reaching for your afternoon caffeine hit try turning on the tap first!

5.    Constipation can be caused by dehydration, as it prevents your 'processes' from being able to run smoothly and stops your... flow. Avoid the discomfort, bloating, disrupted bowels and overall unpleasantness with nature's very own Metamucil.

6.    Weight loss is encouraged by drinking water. Why? Because consuming water regularly not only helps manage your hunger, but it also improves your metabolic rate. The faster your metabolic rate, the quicker and more effectively you burn through fuel.

7.    Water gets your skin a-glowin'. Your skin is essentially an organ, and when your body fluids are low you begin experiencing symptoms such as tight, flaky and dry skin. Save thousands on skin products, visits to the dermatologists and anti-wrinkle prevention - just drink water for free!

8.    Water cleanses out your internal systems - especially when consumed first thing in the morning and your intestinal region is not as busy digesting food. Think of drinking water as hosing out your insides! If you know anything about colon cleanses, you know that water is an effective way to ‘flush’ out the digestive tract. What we can’t believe is people pay for this to be done to them, when all they really need to do is drink H2O from a glass!

9.    Drinking water makes you happier! Water helps move nutrients, hormones and waste around the body, and the more effectively it all moves through you the better your body operates, and therefore the better you feel.

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