Once upon a time the only way to open a fresh drinking coconut was risky…..with a machete, a kitchen knife, or an unhygienic power tool. Those days are over with the Australian invented and Australia made CocoCut! CocoCuts are the only fresh drinking coconut opener in the world that enables you to safely access the meat and the water. Given that coconuts are so readily available in supermarkets these days, it makes sense to invest in a tool that that can open coconuts safely and easily.

To use the CocoCut is as simple as a twist! In seconds, you’ve got fresh cool coconut water to enjoy. All you need to add is a straw, some little umbrellas and you have one great coconut cocktail!

Key Features:

  • Razor sharp stainless steel blade.
  • Durable poly plastic.
  • BPA Free.
Dimensions Shield Diameter: 12.5cm
Diameter Stainless Steel blade: 6cm
Colour Black
Material Stainless Steel blade

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Coconut Opener Black

  • Brand: CocoCut
  • SKU: SAK - 53590
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  • $24.95
  • Ex Tax: $22.68

Tags: Coconut Opener, Cocount De-husker, Open Coconut, CocoCut

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