Garlic Presses

Garlic Presses

Do you really need a garlic press? The short answer: Yes.

A garlic press is a convenient alternative to mincing garlic with a knife. With a garlic press you will be efficiently crushing garlic cloves in next to no time. What is great about the garlic press is that you don’t even have to stop to peel the cloves! Simply insert the garlic clove into your garlic press, close your press by squeezing the two arms together, and then you have your garlic!

Another thing to think about when you're shopping is how you like your garlic chopped. If you like little cubes, look for a press with larger holes. For a finer, more "grated" chop, choose one with smaller openings. We have a great range of garlic presses here Crock and Pickle for you to review.

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Garlic Press Machine

Love garlic but hate the fuss when it comes to preparing it for your dish? With the Chef’N Garlic Pr..

$21.65 Ex Tax: $19.68

Savannah Garlic Press Black

Are you are looking for a garlic press that is easy to use, designed well and doesn’t cost the earth..

$25.99 Ex Tax: $23.63

Zyliss Garlic Press

Prepping your garlic has been made easy with the Zyliss Garlic Press! This garlic press will strip t..

$28.99 Ex Tax: $26.35

Jumbo Garlic Press

The Jumbo Garlic Press is an easy alternative to mincing garlic with a knife. With this Jumbo Garlic..

$29.99 Ex Tax: $27.26