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100g Citric Acid

To make your Mozzarella you’ll need citric acid. The Mad Millie Citric Acid is a natural preservativ..

$3.20 Ex Tax: $2.91

1800g Hard Cheese Hoop with Pressing Plate

Try making your own artisan cheeses at home with this Cheese Hoop! The Mad Millie 1800g Hard Cheese ..

$20.25 Ex Tax: $18.41

1kg Hard Cheese Hoop with Round Bottom and Pressing Plate

Try making your own artisan cheeses at home with this Cheese Hoop! The Mad Millie 1kg Hard Cheese Ho..

$21.80 Ex Tax: $19.82

2 Litre Hard Cheese Hoop with Pressing Plate

Try making your own artisan cheeses at home with this Cheese Hoop! The Mad Millie 1kg Hard Cheese Ho..

$13.95 Ex Tax: $12.68

350ml Preserving Jars 6 pack

Preserve beautiful seasonal flavours all year round with these 350ml Preserving Jars! This set of 6 ..

$15.00 Ex Tax: $13.64

4 Litre Vegetarian Rennet 10 x tablet strip

Make your own delicious cheeses at home with this vegetarian rennet! This pack of 10 x Microbial Veg..

$3.20 Ex Tax: $2.91

450g Artisans Salt

The Artisans Salt is used to enhance the flavour and to preserve cheese. It also helps reduce the mo..

$3.10 Ex Tax: $2.82

50ml Calcium Chloride

Adding calcium chloride to pasteurized and/or homogenised milk bought from a shop/supermarket helps ..

$4.10 Ex Tax: $3.73

50ml Rennet Vegetarian

Rennet is the ingredient used to make cheese coagulate quicker. This vegetarian rennet is a coagulan..

$6.95 Ex Tax: $6.32

800g Hard Cheese Hoop with Pressing Plate

A tall plastic, circular hoop for hard cheese. Pressing plate included...

$15.80 Ex Tax: $14.36

Artisan Cheese Kit

The ultimate kit for cheese lovers! This deluxe beginners' kit has everything you need to create an ..

$184.95 Ex Tax: $168.14

Blue Mould Culture Blend Sachets 5 pack

Blue Mould Culture Blend is used for making Blue Cheese. This is a freeze dried mixed blend culture ..

$8.95 Ex Tax: $8.14

Camembert Blue Cheese Hoop

This hoop is specially shaped to optimise the development of Camembert and blue-veined cheese types...

$7.15 Ex Tax: $6.50

Caprino Hoop

This cylindrical hoop is long and skinny. It is suitable for whole or skim goat's milk cheese, and o..

$9.80 Ex Tax: $8.91


The stylish design of the cheesemaker makes it a great accessory for anyone's kitchen. This cheesema..

$69.95 Ex Tax: $63.59

Culture and Enzyme Measuring Spoons

These tiny Mad Millie measuring spoons are great for when you need to measure out very small amount..

$11.00 Ex Tax: $10.00

Curd Knife

This specialised knife will carefully cut/slice delicate curd without tearing when making cheese. Th..

$16.90 Ex Tax: $15.36

Fermenting Crock Kit - White

Fermenting vegetables is a tasty way to preserve while locking in all the healthy enzymes and probio..

$129.99 Ex Tax: $118.17

Fresh Cheese Kit

The Fresh Cheese Kit provides you with everything you need to make an array of fresh artisan cheese ..

$64.90 Ex Tax: $59.00

Hard Cheese Press

The Mad Millie Hard Cheese Press is used for pressing your homemade hard cheeses in an accurate and ..

$89.90 Ex Tax: $81.73

Iodophor 50ml

This iodine based sanitising solution can be used on all your cheese making, sausage making, and pre..

$3.30 Ex Tax: $3.00

Large Brie Hoop

This large brie hoop is used for making traditional French style Brie cheeses. The hoop will make Br..

$16.45 Ex Tax: $14.95

Large Rectangular Feta Hoop

This large rectangular hoop is used for making authentic looking Feta and Italian Telaggio. Feta is ..

$12.65 Ex Tax: $11.50

Large Ricotta Container with Basket

This specially designed large basket with handy storage container will help the ricotta breathe, so ..

$5.85 Ex Tax: $5.32

Mad Millie Colander

This colander from Mad Millie is perfect for cheese making. It has large round feet which keep the c..

$28.78 Ex Tax: $26.16

Mad Millie Elderflower Boutique Brewery Kit

Enjoy the delicate sweet aroma of homemade elderflower ale with this fantastic Mad Millie brewery st..

$99.99 Ex Tax: $90.90

Mad Millie Ginger Beer Kit

Make ginger beer the old fashioned way with Mad Millie! With this kit you can make ginger beer in 1 ..

$79.95 Ex Tax: $72.68

Mad Millie Ginger Beer Yeast 3 pack

If you loved your Mad Millie Old Ginger Beer Kit, chances are you have used all your ginger beer yea..

$6.95 Ex Tax: $6.32

Mad Millie Pipette 3ml

This is a very handy measuring instrument from Mad Millie. It is made of plastic and is used to meas..

$3.52 Ex Tax: $3.20

Mad Millie Stainless Steel Thermometer

This Stainless Steel Thermometer provides an accurate way to ensure you are heating your milk and cr..

$16.60 Ex Tax: $15.09