Terracotta Frypan 13cm

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The terracotta frypan is perfect for searing meats, cooking in the oven and serving all in the same dish. The 13cm frypan is perfect for small portion meals.

The Regasrange of terracotta ceramics have been forged by traditional Spanish means from1821. To create these amazing pieces natural Spanish clay is combined withwater, baked, shaped and fired with glazes to create a durable and high quality dish. The versatile ceramic canbe used for direct heat, inside the oven and is also microwave safe.


Why use terracotta?

Not only doesterracotta cookware create a rustic vibe and allow you to present yourdelicious home made wholesome meals in an appetizing way, meals can be cooked interracotta and then served in the same bowl. Create a delicious mini one pot roast,stews and casseroles in each dish to then directly serve to the table.

Using terracottadishes allows you to cook with very little to no fat or oil creating ahealthier and more flavoursome meal. The terracotta acts as a naturalinsulator, meaning that your hot food will stay hot and cold drinks and mealswill stay cool.


Caring for yourterracotta!

When you findsomething good, you hold onto it and take care. Terracotta pots are made fromnatural materials giving you the best cookware possible. In order to care forthe natural properties of your new terracotta favourite it is important to makesure that you let the piece dry naturally before storing in a cool dark place.Otherwise you might some find that mould takes a liking to your favouritefriend in the kitchen. But don’t fret if this happens, mix up a little bi-carbsoda with water into a paste and apply to the affected area. Let the paste dry,brush off and wash as normal.


Before you race to the kitchen and use your newterracotta piece make sure you soak that bad boy in water for 6 hours in orderto remove any clay dust residue.

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