4 Sided Diamond Coated Sharpener

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Give your knives a superior finish and razor sharp edge with this 4 Sided Diamond Coated Sharpener! This steel is abrasive and tough, and made to sharpen blunt knives.

Key Features:

  • 4 Sided Diamond Coated Stainless Steel
  • 200 grit - Super Course: For very blunt or badly damaged Knives.
  • 400 grit - Course: For blunt knives or knives with small chips
  • 600 grit - Medium: For basic sharpening and profiling a knives edge.
  • 1000 grit - For finishing a knife edge and removing burring

Do not use the sharpener to sharpen serrated blades or scissors. Keep sharpening steel out of the reach of children.

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