Aussie Smoke Bloke Cold Smoke Generator

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Everyone needs the Bloke in their house! The Aussie Smoke Bloke is easy to use and will help you create a delicious meal filled with smokey undertones. 

If you can eat it, you can smoke it: cheese, meats, salt, rice, vegetables, yogurts and the list goes on! The Bloke was created by a passionate Melbourne foodie, cook and engineer who just wanted to find a fast way to smoke cold foods. After fruitless searching and many failed attempts with imported smoke machines to slow smoke generation machines like smoke tubes and tray The Aussie Smoke Bloke became worried about the prolonged exposure of the food increasing the risk of bacterial growth and spoilage.

After 5 years and a half years The Aussie Smoke Bloke finally designed and built the perfect cold smoke generator.

Why Cold Smoke Generation?

Cold smoking has far more adhesion and can infiltrate the food better than hot smoke as cold smoke is a wet smoke. Hot smoking cooks the product, but high-protein foods (bacon, pork and chicken) are usually only penetrated by the hot smoke for 15 minutes or less! Any further smoke just coats the exterior which often leads to that bitter taste on the outer. Once the heat has created a cooked seal, moisture is locked in and infusion is locked out.

The Smoke Bloke pushes hours of smoke into one hour or less. The best part of the minimal atmospheric exposure dramatically reduces of your food picking up bacterial contamination.

The Smoke Bloke is perfect as it can be used into any vessel! A special cabinet, a filing cabinet that's been re-worked, a wine barrel and even a cardboard box. It doesn't matter if you're the Shangri-La hotel in Sydney or you are just wanting to smoke some goods at home the Smoke Bloke is the ideal cold smoke generator!


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