Chocolate Transfer Butterflies Lavender

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Add some extra flair to your next batch of chocolates with the Chocolate Transfer Butterflies Lavender! This chocolate transfer sheet features a stunning single colour gold design, which is shown in this image on dark chocolate.

The transfer sheets are a sturdy, but flexible, plastic sheet coated with a mixture of cocoa butter and food grade food colouring To use, you can simply spread your melted chocolate over the transfer sheet or on to any flat surface and when it sets, the design will be transferred to the chocolate!

Transfer sheets can be used with any type of chocolate. Milk or dark chocolate will show gold designs to their best advantage, white chocolate will highlight pastel or lighter colours with great effect.

You will be able to achieve amazing and professional results with ease and designs come with a set of easy to follow instructions for basic application, creating a chocolate collar, hand dipped chocolates or biscuits, chocolate moulds, and chablon mats.

This includes one sheet suitable for one application, but you can cut the sheets to the specific size you require and tape them together on the underside to make longer strips.

Store your transfer sheets in a flat, cool and dry place. You should also keep them away from heat and light, especially fluorescent lighting as this will cause the colour to fade.

The transfer sheet measures at approximately 25.5cm x 33cm (10" x 13") and the butterflies range from approximately 1cm x 1cm to 2cm x 1cm

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