Cold Press Juice Extractor

VAA - LUR-10216
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Simple, easy to use, and offering fantastic health benefits? That would be the LURCH Cold Press Juice Extractor. It is a mechanical juice extractor, which functions without electricity, making it great for the environment as well as being highly portable. You could even take it on your next camping trip!

Why Cold Press?

Nutritionists have widely recognised juicing as being a great way to provide highly concentrated doses of nutrients from fresh, raw fruit and vegetables, essential to health and well-being. To receive the optimum benefits, a juicer needs to extract the goodness without destroying vital enzymes through heat. Any juice extractor using a high-speed blade or centrifugal force creates friction heat and destroys vital nutrients. Essential enzymes in fruit and vegetable juice die at temperatures exceeding 50°C.

The LURCH Cold Press Juice Extractor uses the principals of cold press. This is achieved by gently crushing and squeezing raw fruit and vegetables without getting warm, therefore retaining the vitamins, mineral and living enzymes. The low rotation speed prevents oxidation, and allows you to juice everything from hard carrots to herbs and wheat grass with minimal waste.

Enjoy the health benefits of cold pressed fruit & vegetable juice:

  • Retains vitamins, nutrients and living enzymes with minimal waste.
  • Does not create heat like electrical juicers which destroys vital nutrients.
  • Great for smoothies, and ideal for wheatgrass.
  • Green Power: no electricity required!
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