Deluxe Adjustable Oil Pourer

SAK - 76138
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Prepara Deluxe Adjustable Oil Pourer is one very clever oil pourer. Now you have the ability to adjust the flow of oil you wish to pour! So if you are pouring olive oil into a pan, or finely drizzling on Bruschetta, this pourer will help you use the correct amount for the task at hand.

It is incredibly easy to use! Simply twist the spout to select the desired pour speed that specifically suits. The dripless pour spout stops unwanted drips of oil from spoiling your counter top or tablecloth. To close or seal your pourer just twist past “Slow Flow”.

Key Features:

  • Twist to select pour speed.
  • Drizzle or coat, its up to you.
  • Patented dripless pour spout.
  • Fits a variety of olive oil, and vinegar bottles.
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