HACCP Dual Infrared Thermometer with Probe

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The HACCP Dual Infrared Thermometer with Probe is food grade and great for any food area. It features a non-contact infrared as well as a splash proof folding probe. The probe can fold out to 180°! The choice is yours… Check the temperature quickly and easily using the non-contact infrared – just press the button and get an instant reading where the white light is pointing. Or, simply use the foldout probe!


  • Temperature range measures from -55º up to +250º C.
  • Accuracy -/+ 1ºC.
  • Response time of 1 second.
  • Lense ration of 3:1.
  • Displays to 0.1ºC and has adjustable ES (emissivity).
  • PROBE THERMOMETER: Stainless steel FOOD GRADE fold out probe is over 110mm long.

  • PROBE:

  • Temperature measuring range measures from: -55º up to 330ºC.
  • Accuracy of 0.8ºC (in food range).

  • Key Features:

  • Inbuilt HACCP indicator lights that tell you if the food is within allowable Australian food standards temperatures. If the cool food is less than 5ºC then you get a GREEN light and if it is not then you get a RED light.
  • Works for Hot food as well.
  • Best unit for regular use in wet environments when dealing with food.
  • It features Maximum, Minimum, Hold and Auto Power-Off functions.
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