Groovy Ice Pop Maker Green

DAE - 4883G
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Why pay for ice creams/ice blocks? With the neon green Groovy Ice Pop Molds, you will never have to buy them again! Not only can you save money, you will also know exactly what is in you homemade icy treat – no nasty additives.

This set includes six sticks and molds. It is easy to make a chilly treat, simply fill a mold with juice, plain or flavored water, or other delicious beverage, and then stick it in the freezer overnight. The next morning, the ice pop molds are frozen and ready for enjoyment!

Key Features:

  • Each mold is 15cm tall, 6.5cm wide, and 2cm in diameter. Handle is 4.5cm in length.
  • The stand is 16cm by 16cm, with a height of 2cm.
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