Impulse Bag Sealer 300mm

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The Impulse Bag Sealer provides optimum sealing for creating a secure seal on bags. It seals bags with openings up to 300mm wide and has an auto heating control with an LED indicator. It is easy to use and long lasting with a tough blue finish. It has an adjustable timer with 9 levels meets various packaging needs. It can seal different types of bags including bubble wraps, cellophane, shrink wraps, and thick heavy duty bags etc.


  • Seal bag openings up to 300mm
  • Auto control of heating with a LED indicator
  • Easy to use and long lasting
  • adjustable timer with 8 levels meets various packaging needs
  • SAA approval plug
  • Can seal different types of bags

Note: the signal light indicates the heat cycle is complete and the seal is done. It will not turn on when plugged in

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