Man Law BBQ Skillet Basket

Man Law
HAA - 80MAN-H3
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Thanks to the Man Law BBQ Skillet Basket, those smaller delicious morsels like prawns, meat cubes, fruits and vegetables can now experience the thrill of flame-licked, just like your favourite piece of steak! It is the brilliance of the perforations in this skillet which enables your food to be infused with full BBQ flavour. You can cook right over the flame without the fear of your small tasty food falling between the BBQ grates!

Featuring a non-stick surface, grilling and cleaning has never been easier. HINT: Only use plastic tools on the non-stick surface! The rounded premium wood handle is foldable, making it space saving for better storage. Every tool with the Man Law name is constructed with heavy duty materials. Each BBQ tool is an oversized, heavy weight utensil with large, sturdy handles.

Key Features:

  • Non-stick skillet basket.
  • Diameter: 12”.
  • Foldable handle for easy storage.
  • Rounded premium wood handle.
  • Ideal for grilling smaller pieces of food like vegetables and meat cubes.
  • Grill Type Compatibility: charcoal grill, gas grill, kamado grill.
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