Avanti Onion Goggles Asst. Colours

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Cry when you cut onions? 

Fear not my friend because the tears will cease to exist with the Avanti Onion Goggles. Have you tried every trick in the book but still end up a weepy mess? The different cutting techniques, not breathing through your nose, or your mouth, or at all. The onion goggles will certainly stop the tears*. These goggles comes in both the lime green shown above along with racing car red, you know to make you go faster. Colour dependant on stock availability. The goggles are sold in a storage case to help keep the goggles clean and scratch free. However the case does not feature any anti-theft protection, you will have to keep a close eye on these bad boys to make sure they don't get nicked because they are so stylish and functional. 

Great gift for anyone who has a tendency to get teary around onions. 

*Product may stop the tears, but side effects may include giggles, snorts of disbelief and straight out belly laughing. 

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