Pac Food Vacuum Sealer 100

PAC Food
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Revolutionise your home with the Pac Food VS100, one of the strongest vacuumpackaging systems available.

You will now be able to keep food fresher, longer inthe refrigerator, freezer and pantry.  The Pac Food VS100 effectively removes airand extends freshness up to five times longer than normal preservation methods.   Beyond that, the Pac Food VS100 can be used to preserve and organize householditems like keepsakes, small toys and easy-to-lose items.  The Pac Food VS100 is soversatile and convenient it will never leave your bench top.

By using channel bags and canisters, you can significantly extend food life, maintainfood quality, reduce freezer burn, and reduce food waste and costs.  The Pac Food VS100 is easy-to-use with a lightweight, compact design.  Its uniqueslanted layout design and wide vacuum trough makes it easy to load bags andensure a positive seal every time.

Only quality tested and rated components havebeen used in the construction in order to ensure the best performance.  

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