The Preserving Ring is the key to the sealing process and it will determine the success of your preserving. The role of the ring is to provide an even, airtight seal which creates a vacuum. This vacuum is what allows your preserves to last for years.

Fowlers Preserving Rings are made from natural rubber and are packed in Australia.

It is strongly advised that the rings be used only once and should be disposed of after opening processed bottles. Re-use of rubber rings will hinder or prevent the sealing process. This potentially will result in the loss of contents.

Key Features:

  • Size # 3.
  • 12 pack.
  • Suitable for Fowlers Vacola bottles size # 14, 20 and 27.
  • Sizings
    Diameter Fowlers Vacola Bottle Sizes: 14, 20 and 27
    Material Rubber

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    What are the benefits of preserving?

    Enjoy preserved fruits and pickled vegetables throughout the winter months and when the season for summer produce has passed.

    Preserving is:

    • quick (takes as little as 60 minutes).
    • simple (slice fruit, place in jar and add preserving liquid).
    • economical (saves money at the grocer/supermarket).
    • natural (use only pure ingredients).


    What can be preserved?

    You can preserve most fruits including apples, apricots, berries, tomatoes, cherries, citrus fruits, grapes, mangos, passionfruit, peaches, pears, pineapple, plums, quinces or a combination.

    Vegetables such as onions, capsicum, broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini, squash and chilli can be pickled alone or combined to make a great antipasto.


    Can I preserve meats using the Fowlers Vacola method?

    No. Experts recommend that meat, poultry and fish should be preserved by other means such as freezing or drying.


    Can I use everyday screw top or clamp down jars for preserving in my preserving unit?

    No. These jars are not suitable or safe for preserving. Only Fowlers Vacola rings, lids and clips allow air to escape during the processing – as the bottles cool, a vacuum seal is formed by the lid being sucked down onto the rubber ring.


    Can I re-use lids, rings and clips with the bottles?

    Yes, you may reuse the lids and clips. But, the rubber sealing rings are for one use only.


    How is it that the Fowlers Vacola Method enables fruit preserves to have a shelf life of years?

    During the carefully calculated temperature and heating times, surplus air is expelled and anything remaining in the bottle is sterlised. Thus the action of enzymes is stopped, micro-organisms are destroyed and the vacuum seal prevents the entry of further harmful organisms.


    Can I preserve all fruits the same way?

    A high level of acidity ensures safe preservation, so that certain fruits (whose acidity content is less) need the addition of citric acid or lemon juice to raise this level. Examples – pears, figs, tomatoes and fleshly tropical fruits.


    What sort of preserving liquid should be used when preserving fruit?

    You may use sugar syrup, fruit juice, water, liqueur or spirits.


    What sort of preserving liquid should be used when preserving vegetables?

    Vegetables may be preserved using a pickling solution of 50% vinegar and 50% water.


    When is the best time to preserve fruit?

    When fruit is in season and at the firm ripe stage. No over/under ripe, bruised or blemished fruit should be used.


    When and how should I store preserved fruit?

    Ideal storage temperature is between 12℃ and 15℃, in a cool dark place, to preserve colour and maximize nutritional value.

    Rubber Ring Size 3 12pk

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