No one likes a mess in the kitchen, especially not on the stovetop. If you are tired of cleaning up pots and stovetops from boiled over pasta, rice or milk, then this device will change your kitchen forever! The Silicone Boil Over Spill Guard is 28cm and is ideal for preventing boil over spills when cooking.

It is easy to use. Just place on top of your pan or pot and enjoy stress-free cooking. The removable part in the centre of the spillguard catches bubbles and froth in the centre of the spill guard rather than it spilling over the edge of the pan. No more messy stovetop boil-overs!

It also can double as a lid for pots missing their lids and with the silicone being resistant to high heats up to 240°C, use it as a splatter guard when frying or microwaving. And it can also be safely used in the microwave and dishwasher.
Diameter 28cm
Colour Red

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Silicone Boil Over Spill Guard

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Tags: Saucepan Guard, Saucepan Shield, Spill Lid

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