The HMsharp Edgesharp provides two sharpening options, rough and fine, which will easily and precisely recover your cutting edge. The diamond roll provides high performance sharpening and durability, whilst the ceramic roll allows for fine sharpening and polishing. This sharpener features an anti-skid base and an ergonomic handle that provides comfort and safety. Its ABS handle with details in stainless steel provides style and resistance.

Usage Instructions:

  • Place the sharpener on a flat surface that will not move during use.
  • Place the knife in one of the two sharpening positions, depending on the condition of the blade. Position 1: is ideal for rough sharpening. Meant for knives that are completely dull. Position 2: is ideal for fine sharpening. It is best for knives that only need to have rough points taken away and for an utra-sharp edge. In both cases, move the knife blade from its end to near the handle, employing light pressure on the blade between the sharpener’s rollers. Repeat the movement as many times as necessary. Edge maintenance sharpening, position 2 only, can be carried out before each use of the knife.

  • After Use Instructions:

  • Clean the sharpening rollers with a non-abrasive sponge or run a soft cloth through the rollers in movements similar to those of sharpening.

  • Caution:

  • Do not use the sharpener on serrated blades or scissors.
  • Avoid knife damage by sharpening with only light pressure.
  • Never wash the sharpener in a dishwasher or immerse in water.
  • Sizings
    Length 19cm
    Colour Red and Black

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    2 Stage Manual Sharpener

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