1062ml Weck Tulip Glass Jar with Lid and Clips

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A 1062ml Weck Tulip Glass Jar with Lid and Clips will never go astray, it is such a great size for those preserves, passata and pasta sauces! Being made from glass they are BPA free and as the lids are also glass there will be no issues of rusting lids.

Weck canning and preserving jars are the highest quality you can get. Made with thick glass, they will withstand sterilizing, boiling, processing and freezing over and over again.

Preserving foods at home is such a great way to minimize waste due to food spoilage and save money. Buy fruit and vegetables when they are in abundance and less expensive and then preserve for use throughout the whole year.

The ‘processing’ is done by boiling filled jars and then cooling them directly afterward. This creates a vacuum seal that will be tight enough to keep microbes from entering the jar. The vacuum will also be strong enough to keep the lids in place after processing. After the jars have cooled completely you can remove the stainless steel clamps You can check the seal has formed properly by trying to lift the lid. If it doesn’t come off you know the jar is sealed!

If the jar didn’t seal you can either pop it in the fridge and consume over the next few days or you can try re-processing it.


  • 1062ml capacity Tulip Glass Jar for tidy, easy filling
  • Rubber Washer
  • 2 x Clamps

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