1L Fido Glass Jar with Clear Lid

TAA - 340-002
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A Fido 1L jar with clear lid, is perfect for storing anything such as dried goods, preserves, pickles, dehydrated fruit and vegetables. With its squared walls and flip-top lids it is state of the art quality that will last for years.

The swing lid closes on a rubber seal via a wire bail thus forming an air tight seal that will keep moisture out without fail, ensuring your dried foods stay as fresh as the day you brought them home. No kitchen is complete without one!

Please note due to the lid and jar being one system, these jars are not suitable for any sort of preserving process or pressure canning.

Coming in a variety of sizes the uses for these jars are endless around the kitchen, home, office or garage!


  • 1L
  • Clear lid
  • Flip top lid for hermetic airtight seal
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