Cake Pan Aluminium Round 20cm (75mm Deep)

Chef Inox
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Looking for extra height to your cake without having to stack two smaller tiers? Then the 20cm round and 7.5cm deep cake pan by Chef Inox is perfect!

Made from aluminium this pan will give outstanding heat retention and distribution for a nice even bake.

You’ll be able to reach great heights in one batch which is a definite time saver. No need to fear that it won’t rise properly or be under cooked in the centre. However, having said that there are few hints and tips to help you along the way:

  • Adjust the temperature down to around the 140 oC mark – the mantra ‘low and slow’ definitely applies.

  • This will increase the time needed to bake, however by cooking slower for longer you’ll ensure the sides and bottom do not burn or over done before the middle is cooked through.

  • Use a heating core, or if you don’t have one you can a stainless steel rose / flower nail. This will increase the heat at the centre of the batter.

  • To use the flower nail, fill the pan with batter and then float the nail in the middle of the cake (so the nail head is resting on top of the batter and the nail part is pointing down).

  • Or if you are using a heating core, once the inside and outside of the heating core is greased, fill the pan with batter and place the heating core in the middle of the pan. Then fill the core with batter as well. When cooked be sure to wait until the cake has cooled before removing the heating core. Then fill the hole from the core with the cooked batter from the centre of the heating core. Decorate as usual.

  • Key Features:

  • Aluminium
  • 20cm diameter
  • 7.5cm tall
  • Hand wash recommended
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