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AUS-ION QUENCHED 26cm Skillet is proudly Australian made formed iron skillet with a multi-century warranty. Solidteknics don't mess around! Featuring a solid 3mm thick base for even heat distribution - there are no hot spots that can lead to uneven cooking. The handle has an aerated neck webbing design that keeps the end of the handle cool enough to use a bare hand to lift it off the stove.
These pans have been naturally seasoned for you with the patented Quenched™ finish, so you can get cooking straight away! The Quenched™ finish is a game-changer in iron cookware! Until now, AUS-ION™ pans were sold Raw or with a Satin finish (lightly pre-seasoned), ready for your at-home seasoning. With our Quenched™ finish, we've done the oven seasoning for you. Your Quenched™ pans will come with a strong black seasoning foundation, so you can get cooking straight away. It's never been easier to make the switch to healthy, sustainable iron cookware!

The Aus-Ion range is much like the best French sheet iron/steel restaurant pans however they have made some significant improvements. The seamless construction means there are no rivets to loosen over time or spaces for food to get trapped. Not only are the pans hygienic but also incredibly strong. With a multi-century warranty covering breakage from materials and manufacturing defects these pans are seriously durable. Each pan is stamped with the manufacturing date to reflect its heirloom quality.

Apart from all of this, the formed iron skillet is a healthy and sustainable choice. All natural pre-seasoning happens at the factory for that healthy low-stick that only improves with time and cooking.

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