Avanti Mini Jelly Moulds Set of 6

SAK - 12488
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Make perfectly formed individual jelly with the Avanti Mini Jelly Moulds Set of 6. Ideal for creating a selection of different flavours to serve up everyone’s favourite, they are also suitable for use with mousse and other gelatin-based desserts.

Featuring a classic fluted design, each mould has a removable top and base for easy release and transfer from fridge to plates and bowls once set. Once set, simply remove the base cap, place the mould onto a plate and remove the top cap to break the seal and release your jelly with ease.

  • 150m
  • BPA Free and food safe
  • Classic fluted dome shape
  • Easy release
  • Removable top and base
  • Stackable on top of each other
  • Dishwasher safe
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