BBQ Marinade Injector

AAO - GEF-89162
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This heavy duty BBQ Marinade Injector efficiently infuses gravy, marinades and dissolved seasoning into a variety of meats for improved taste and tenderness. It is incredibly easy to use, simply draw the desired liquid into the syringe, insert the needle into the meat and push the liquid out with the plunger.

This exciting tool features 2 different size injector needles - a small for side injection for thinner liquids/marinades, and large for injection of thicker liquids/marinades directly from top of the needle. The steady plunging motion and sharp injectors make the process surgically easy and the 40ml clear viewing chamber is marked in 0.25ml increments so it’s effortless to keep track of the amount you’re using in each part of the meat.

You have endless possibilities with flavour combinations! You will soon be using the two interchangeable needles to experiment with new ideas. From your roasts, smokey ribs, turkeys or even cheese, you will be sure to enhance the flavour of your favaourite dish!

Please note, do not fill with hot liquids. The syringe will get very hot. Risk of injury!

Key Features:

  • Consisting of two needles, a plunger and a container.
  • Injects flavour into any meat.
  • Less mess / more flavour.
  • Capacity: 40mL / 1.5oz.
  • 18/10 Stainless Steel.
  • Heavy duty BPA free plastic.
  • Dishwasher safe.
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