Rolling Pin Tapered French Style

Chef Inox
TAA - 3658
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Don’t let the lack of handles and funny tapered ends fool you. The classic ‘French’ rolling pin is a favourite amongst pastry chef’s worldwide.

It can initially take a little getting used to. Rather than gripping handles like with a traditional rolling pin, you roll the pin with the palms of your hands while also pressing down on the dough. This action helps produce a more uniform and even rolled dough because the pressure is applied to the centre of the dough, thereby pushing the dough outwards rather than just flattening it.

You can easily pivot while you’re rolling so you’ll produce a beautifully round circle of pastry every time. The thin diameter also allows you to more easily feel the dough beneath your hands.

Key Features:

  • 47.5cm long
  • Made from Beechwood timber
  • Tapered ends
  • Easily pivots to create a perfect circle
  • Hand wash only
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