Cast Iron Trivet Black 13.4 cm

DAE - 4089BK
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Your Japanese style cast iron trivet.  At the base of the trivet are three legs covered with rubber. The trivets are new and measure approximately 14cm in diameter.

Instructions for use:

  • After each use, make sure that the trivet is clean and dry to prevent the formation of rust. If water is left on the trivet, chemicals from the minerals in the water may eventually erode the enamel coating.
  • In the unlikely event of rust, the trivet can still be used. After cleaning the rusted area with a soft brush, boil used teabags or tea leaves and apply to the surface of the trivet. The tannic acid from the tea will react naturally with the iron producing a coating over the area.
  • Store your trivet in a cool, dry place or put it on display.

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