Colour Mill Glitz Blend - Silver

Colour Mill
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Reflecting light like the stars in the night sky, Silver Glitz Blend adds a magical atmosphere to any bake it graces. The perfect cool, light shade of grey serving as a neutral backdrop and effortlessly complementing a variety of other colours.

Bring a little bling to your beverage with Colour Mill's gem in a jar, Glitz Blend. Designed to add that extra dazzle and delight to your baking or beverages.

Made from food-safe ingredients, Glitz Blend guarantees your beverage will be a feast for the eyes and taste buds. So go ahead, sprinkle that sparkle! Each jar holds 10ml of glitter.

How to Use it

Like the pigments, a little goes a long way! Sprinkle in a light dusting and add more as desired.

Where to Use it

The Glitz blend is perfect for sweets with real shine, sprinkle into everything from glazes and jellies to buttercream and beverages.

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