Couche Cloth Bakers Cloth

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Make traditional French style bread by using a Couche (or also known as a Bakers Cloth) to prove your baguettes in. Couche is made from heavy linen and will support your baguettes, batons and bâtards during the final proving stage. By using a Couche you will get that beautiful chewy crunchy crust baguettes are famous for.

Simply dust your cloth heavily with rye flour and form ridges or gullies in the cloth (one for each loaf). Place the shaped baguettes into the fold your cloth and leave to prove.

Once proving is complete carefully remove with a flipping board or peel (a shovel like tool used by bakers) and then slide onto a hot baking stone and put straight into the oven.

Measures at approximately 500 x 920mm. Australian Made

Care of your Couche:

DO NOT wash your Couche as this will wash away the yeasty floury surface which is what gives your bread its unique crust. All you need to do is simply brush off the couche when you’re done. If dough has stuck just allow it to dry first and then scrape off.

Washing your Couche will wash away the yeasty floury surface that gives your bread the unique crust.

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