Digital Probe Thermometer Foldable

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The Avanti® Digital Probe Thermometer Foldable is a compact, sleek and easy to use meat thermometer. It features a looped handle for easy hanging and a fold out stainless steel probe for safety and easy storage.

    • Temperature range: (-50°C to 200°C/-58°F to 392°F)
    • Choice of Celsius or Fahrenheit display
    • Rotating probe for protection and easy storage
    • Rugged ABS plastic body and stainless steel probe
    • 1 x LR44 battery included

    USE & CARE

        • Simple turn on by pressing the ON/OFF button on the back of the device.
        • Remove meat from cooking appliance. Insert thermometer probe into the meat making sure the probe is as close to the centre of the food as possible.
        • Wait a minimum of 30 seconds before checking the temperature. This wait is necessary to allow time for the thermometer to stabilise and provide an accurate reading.
        • To obtain a precise temperature reading, it is important to ensure the probe’s point is not resting on bone, gristle or the surface of the cookware.
        • Use the °C/°F button on the back of the device to swap between Celsius and Fahrenheit readout.
        • This thermometer should only be used to take a temperature reading when the food is removed from the oven, barbecue or microwave. DO NOT leave thermometer in the meat whilst it is cooking.
        • Slide open the battery cover at the back of the thermometer, then insert 1 x LR44 (AG13) battery (included) into the battery compartment. Make sure “+” polarity of the battery is facing up. Then replace the battery cover.
        • Before first use, slide open the battery cover at the back of the thermometer. Remove the plastic strip from the battery compartment. Then replace the battery cover.
        • Clean with a dry cloth
        • Do not immerse in water or wipe with damp cloth.
        • Clean the probe with water and a mild detergent.
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