I.O.Shen Flexible Filleting Knife 19.9cm

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The I.O.Shen Flexible Filleting Knife 19.9cm has been created for filleting fish and getting under fish skin. It can also be used for slicing poultry. The flexibility of this knife is designed so that you can retain control whilst filleting. The fine handle and slender blade allows for easy movement when used.

Key Feature – Tai Tang Handle:

All the Knives in the I.O.Shen Mastergrade range have used the very latest technology to construct a blade that is not only amazingly sharp but will retain their edge for a long period of time. They have been sharpened to a 15° angle, which allows for wonderful slicing and portion control.

The unique handle design distinguishes I.O.Shen Mastergrade Knives from any other knife. It is an essential factor in achieving balance and stability.

The Tai Tang is not simply an embellishment, it is an integral part of the handle. Injection moulding means that the handle will not fall apart over time (as associated with riveted handles).

The handles are produced from a material called ebonite which is both durable and heat resistant. It is not recommended to wash these knives in a dishwasher.
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