Knife Sharpening Guide

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This knife sharpening angle guide for steels and stones is ideal for learning what angle to sharpen or hone knives at. It is a great way to train yourself in developing the ability to consistently sharpen a knife at the same amount of degrees.

Depending on the width of your blade (on the knife), the guide will allow you to initiate the stroke approximately 15-20 degrees. It can be used on a flat water/oil stone or a honing/sharpening steel of any type.

After practicing with this device, you will develop the ability to free hand the stroke with amazing accuracy!

Simple to use:

  • Fix the sharpening angle guide to the appropriate location of the knife.
  • Both hands hold the handle and the back of the knife, make knife edge into a fixed angle, move the edge back and forth over the sharpener using suitable pressure.

  • Caution – please place this knife sharpening guide and knife away from the reach of children.
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