Lorenzo Coffee Grinder

SAK - 43912
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Enjoy the decadence of the perfect cup of coffee made with fresh ground coffee beans straight from the Lorenzo coffee grinder. With an adjustable ceramic grinding gear offering 11 degrees of fineness, the Lorenzo coffee grinder grinds coffee beans to the perfect consistency for espresso, filter coffee or coffee made in a French press or cafetière.

Your favourite beans will be hand cranked to you ideal grind with the Lorenzo coffee grinder. Simply fill the mill, attach the crank handle and turn the dial to the correct grind size for you. The beauty of the adjustable dial means that the grinder will always produce exactly the same result at the individual settings! The crank turns smoothly and evenly, the ground coffee falls into the catch cup on the bottom ready for you to enjoy.

When you have finished using the Lorenzo coffee mill, it is easy to store thanks to its detachable crank, or it looks great on the counter as well!

Key Features:

  • Expert coffee grinder.
  • Adjustable ceramic grinding gear providing 11 degrees of fineness.
  • Scale for degrees of fineness.
  • Produce up to 4 cups of espresso, 4 cups of filter coffee or 4 cups of French press coffee.
  • Coffee container with scale.
  • Detachable crank, can be attached to the grinder to save space.
  • Black stand base.
  • Constructed from stainless steel, ABS and SAN plastic.
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