Modern America Rocks 280ml

TAB - PLLB829600
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Add a dash of elegance to your next drink with the Libbey Modern America Rocks 280ml.

Libbey's historical 'Modern America' range wears the signature of the American designer, Edwin W. Fuerst. This range was first created in an era of transformation, coinciding with the last years of the Art Deco period. the first World's Fair, the II World War and the end of fine completely handcrafted glass by Libbey, (due to the conversion to the war effort). These were gloomy years, but it was in this period that the people began to revive and refocus on the essentials. All of this together makes 'Modern America' an iconic and meaningful range.

The glass measures at approximately 92mm tall with a 86mm diameter and a 280ml capacity.

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