Mortar and Pestle 230mm Granite

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A Mortar and Pestle should be part of every very well equipped kitchen and this granite stone set is not only functional and durable but also beautiful. Quickly and easily crush herbs and spices to a fine paste or powder and add instant flavour to your culinary dishes. You will be the taste-sensation masterchef!

Simple to use:

  • Measure out your ingredients and place them in the mortar. Fill the mortar no more than ? full with raw spices; otherwise, it will be difficult to get an even grind. If you have too much to fit, it's fine to process the spices in batches.
  • Hold the mortar in place with one hand, take the pestle in your opposite fist, and twist it against the ingredients in the mortar so that they are ground against its bottom and sides. Evenly grind, bash or crush all of the spices, using the pestle to mix and grind them until they are all reduced to the same consistency. Continue until the ingredients are as coarse or fine as you want.
  • Keep in mind, each technique (grind, bash or crush) will result in a different consistency, and can affect the flavor and final outcome of your dish.
  • Store or measure out the ingredients. You can either place the freshly ground contents of the mortar into a glass spice jar with a tight-fitting lid, or go ahead and measure out how much you need for your recipe.
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