Nirey Whetstone 3000 and 8000 Grit

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The Nirey Whetstone is made from Corundum (Aluminium Oxide). This 3000 & 8000 grit combination whetstone offers two grit grades for a more economical choice in water stones. This stone is large enough for just about any knife or tool. This stone features a non slip silicone base.

Stone sharpening is an art, and the Nirey 3000 & 8000 grit whetstone will assist you in keeping your knives with an optimum edge.


After every use, clean the surface of the whetstone using a soft brush and allow it to dry on a well ventilated area. To clean the knife, use a wet sponge being careful of the sharpened edge. Always dry your knife before you store it away.


Do not use the whetstone to sharpen serrated blades or scissors. To avoid knife damage, sharpen it by employing light pressure. For best results, the face of your stone should be flat. After extended use the stone, may require grinding to maintain a flat surface.
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