Ravioli Cutters Square and Round

Al Dente
DAE - 4401-2
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This 2 pack of ravioli cutters are the ideal tools for any home chefs or foodie that wants to try their hand at hand made ravioli. There is nothing better than sitting down to a delicious bowl of ravioli that's been lovingly created and stuffed with tasty treats. The square and round cutters have been expertly designed with practicality and ease of use in mind.

Helpful hints to making ravioli

  • Use a lightly floured surface to prevent the dough from sticking
  • Moisten the area around the filling with a pastry brush dipped in water to help seal the two pasta layers
  • After cutting, dust off excess flour with a dry brush
  • Place the ravioli on a tray dusted with semoline and chill until ready to cook or freeze immediately for later use
  • Cook in a large pot of slated, boiling water until al dente!

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