Rectangle Proving Basket 36x13cm 1.25kg

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Proving baskets have been used for thousands of years to give a particular form or shape to loaves of bread.

This Rectangle Proving Basket 36x13cm 1.25kg will maintain the long shape before the final bake. You can either line with a cloth if you want a smooth finish or place your dough straight into the basket in which case the spiral pattern will imprint on your loaf as the dough rises.

Once your dough is ready and shaped, lightly dust the inside of the basket with flour and then also lightly dust the surface of your dough. Place dough inside the basket upside down and leave to prove.

You don’t bake your bread in the basket so once its finished proving, turn the dough out by flipping over the basket depositing the dough gently onto a baking sheet that you have lined with semolina or non-stick parchment paper and then bake.

After use, upturn the basket gently tapping out any excess flour. A stiff bristle brush can be used to aid the release of any flour or debris that may be caught up in the grooves of the basket.

For a more thorough clean, simply hand wash with hot soapy water. It is not recommended to fully immerse in water for long periods of time. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

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