Fowlers Vacola Preserver Kit

FAL - 6141
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The Fowlers Vacola Simple Natural Preserver is a fully automatic preserving kit. There is no need to monitor the temperature and it is so simple to use! In 60 minutes you will have preserved your delicious fruit.

All you need to do is place your fruit into a preserving jar, top with the liquid of your choice (fruit juice, water, sugar syrup, liqueur), and seal with ring, lid and clip. Simply place your packed bottles into the unit which is filled with cold water and plug in.

Once the 1 hour is up, remove the bottles from the Simple Natural Preserver and allow to cool. Your bottles will have formed a vacuum seal and the fruit is preserved. Your preserved bottles may be stored on the shelf for future use. Refrigeration isn’t required until the bottles are opened and the fruit is being consumed!

The Simple Natural Preserver will hold 5 x No.31 bottles, or 8 x No.20 bottles per processing hour.

Simple Natural Preserver Kit comprises:

  • Electric Preserving Unit.
  • 3 x No. 14 Bottles (350mL) complete with ring, standard lid and clip.
  • The Secrets of Preserving Book.
  • 12 month Manufacture Warranty.
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