Stainless Steel Professional Pizza Slicer

Al Dente
DAE - 4407-1
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The Professional Pizza Slicer is 35cm long and features a slightly curved blade. This is the slicer everyone needs for their next pizza party!

Forget the pizza roller! The cheese always sticks to the wheel and toppings get pushed off the pizza. But with this stainless steel professional pizza slicer, rock the 35mm edge across the pizza for a quick and easy cut pizza slices without disturbing the toppings!

It can be used to slice pizza, but it also chops and dices onions, herbs, garlic and much more! Mince onions, chop herbs, dice potatoes, slice fruit or simply crush a clove of garlic. Designed for balance and easy grip in heavy weight 18/8 stainless steel, the slightly curved 35cm long blade pivots to cut through fruit, vegetables, hard cheese or herbs quickly and efficiently. The 7.5cm deep slicer can then be used to scoop up the ingredients to transfer them to the stew pot or sauté pan.
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